Svarrogh - Kukeri (CD)

Kukeri (CD)

Bulharský neofolk / pagan black metal.

VydavateľHeavy Horses Records
Rok vydania2006
Dodacia dobaNa sklade
ŠtýlNeofolk / Pagan Black Metal
Typ tovaruCD
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Viac o produkte

1 The Pashovi Cliffs 2:46
2 Mourning Mill 7:23
3 Wind Hunters 4:23
4 Kukeri Towards The Sea 1:24
5 My Dinasty 8:59
6 The Solitude Of Stara Planina 10:41
7 Rhodopean Winter 7:08
8 Kukeri In The Snow 1:26
9 Somewhere In The Woods 7:57
10 Memories In The Dark Of The Ages 7:30
11 Sun, I Pray To Thee 8:02
12 Kukeri Of The Sun 1:28

Svarrogh started out in 2001 playing raw pagan black metal. The lyrical topics were Slavic heathendom, Bulgarian pagan traditions, the ancient Bulgarian cult of Tangra as well as postmodern folklore symbolism and aesthetical transcendence.

The name is derived from “Svaróg”, an ancient Slavic deity of celestial fire. “Svaróg” is the father of Dažbog (the Slavic solar deity) and the godfather of the Slavic pantheon.

Later Dimo Dimov broadened his palette and incorporated Bulgarian folklore music in Svarrogh. The 4th album “Balkan Renaissance” marked a radical change from harsh folk black metal to Neofolk/Ambient.

Ever since, Dimo Dimov has closely collaborated with many musicians from the Neofolk/Ambient scene and joined several other projects, among them Sturmpercht and Allerseelen.